It is easy and safe. Also it will save you lot of time because you will avoid the queues and waiting for bills.


Choose your mobile wallet:

You do not need to preload your money. Pay directly from your mobile wallet.

A Mobile Wallet is a Bank’s or Payment Institution’s app for smartphones.


WioPay is a mobile wallet that allows you to pay using your existing bank’s payment cards. Cards must be enabled for internet payments. More info:

If you are using Swedbank payment card, make sure that you are registered for safe payments online.


SpectroCoin provides an easy, fast and safe access to the Bitcoin network. A wide variety of choices on how to deposit and withdraw funds. For more info:


1. Open

Open your mobile wallet (mobile app) from which you want to pay.

If you do not have it yet, download one for free here.

2. Scan

Scan QR code, review your bill (bills) and choose one to pay, or what you want to order.

The bill be able to be seen right after the waitress have processed the order in cash register (if you are not able to see your bill, ask waitress if the bill have been processed on your table).

In a petrol station, after you have finished refueling, the petrol station assistant will process your bill.

If you want to pay only for your own part of a bill (splitting), ask the waitress to separate the bill and in your phone you will be able to see all of the separated bills.

3. Pay

Follow the instructions in the app and it will take only a few seconds to approve.

Mobile payments are absolutely safe, the safety of the payment is managed by owners of the mobile wallet (app).



That’s it!

The waitress in the restaurant or the shop assistant in petrol station already knows, that the bill has been paid. If you need a written receipt, in the restaurant it will be brought to you and in the petrol station you will need to go to and collect it.

If you will be ordering in a remote way, you will receive one SMS that  will confirm the order and another, when the order has been prepared, along with the details where you collect your order.

If you are buying tickets, a link to the tickets will be sent by SMS.

If you are supporting or contributing to a charity, your donation will have already been received.

If you are pre-paying your mobile account, it will already have been pre-paid.


More than 200 locations to pay by phone and constantly expanding!